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Our unmatched expertise comes from 30 years of knowledge and experience with antiques, fine and decorative art, collectibles, furniture, and more. Having morphed from a bricks and mortar antiques store to personalized estate sale services, we know how to carefully curate each item to maximize your profits. The end result illustrates our tasteful eye and attention to detail, transforming a home into aesthetically pleasing showrooms and creating an inviting experience for shoppers. 

 We are specialists in evaluating antiques, collections, fine art,  furnishings, estate jewelry, and all your valued possessions for  expert pricing of all your belongings.  We take the time necessary in preparation of the sale to clean, display, and "stage" your entire home for the sale which also translates into maximized profits.

AOM offers appraisal services for the purposes of insurance, estate, charitable donation, or any other evaluation needs. Our attention to research insures accuracy, and we are linked to all international databases for current market substantiation. Each written appraisal provides a full description of the article(s) including information relating to country of origin, size, condition, and value.

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